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Our instructors are Mr. Michael Wellman and his sister, Mrs. Ariel Luna.  Mr. Wellman is a 4th Degree Black Belt.  Mrs. Luna is a 2nd Degree Black Belt.  Both instructors attended Mason High School and Lansing Community College.  Both were involved in 4-H and other community events.  Mrs. Luna is an equestrian competitor and has taken first place at the Ingham County Fair for her equestrian competition. 


Mr. Wellman is the head instructor at the school and Mrs. Luna is the assistant instructor.  Mr. Wellman offers private lessons and personal training.  Mrs. Luna is the Social Media Manager, Special Events Coordinator, and does everything related to artwork and design.


Mr. Wellman is a Michigan tournament champion in forms, sparring, and combat weapons.  Mrs. Luna is a Michigan tournament champion in forms and sparring.


Mrs. Charlotte Kilvington is 2nd Degree Black Belt, works at the school behind the scenes managing the office.  She is also a Michigan tournament state champion in forms, sparring, and combat weapons.  Taekwondo was their family activity more than two decades.


Our staff is CPR and First Aid certified and complete background checks annually.



Dragon Unity Martial Arts is a member of the Mason Chamber of Commerce.  Our logo and business (LLC) are registered with the State of Michigan.

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